About Us

We are a group of people who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or have a relative or family member who has. In 2005, four women with MS founded the MS-Selbsthilfegruppe Siegen e.V. that has now more than 80 members. The group is a registered non-profit organization and member of the welfare organization DPWV. We hold regular meetings twice a month and offer a consulting hour once a month. You’ll find more details under the rubric Opens internal link in current window"Dates" and Opens internal link in current window"Route". Further, we offer special lectures by physicians, psychologists, physiotherapists as well as consultation concerning assistive equipment, a pass for severely disabled or pension. We organize trips to neurologic clinics and trade fairs like the REHA Care in Düsseldorf as well as joint activities and events. We represent our interests as follows:

  •  Arbeitsgemeinschaft "Begegnung" (City of Siegen)
  •  Beirat der Menschen mit Behinderung (City of Siegen)
  •  Corporate Meeting of Support Groups (Coordination Offices)

It’s important to promote public understanding for the disease by providing information. For that purpose we participate on the "Tag der Begegnung von Menschen mit und ohne Behinderung" – a day for people with or without disablement to connect and exchange information. Further, we visit various educational facilities to inform about Multiple Sclerosis and the importance of selfhelp.

Our tasks, principles and goals:

We support eachother through:

  • Regular group meetings
  • Conversations, phone calls and visits
  • Experience and information exchange
  • Understanding in the Community
  • Counseling of new affected
  • as well as the relatives and friends



Our pricipales:

  • We listen and understand for others.
  • We encourage us and give us confidence.
  • We strengthen the sense of community.
  • We promote / get the self-confidence of individuals.
  • We inform and clarify.
  • We respect the confidentiality of all discussion topics.
  • We work equally and independently.
  • We are self-employed, independent and nonprofit.
  • We volunteer without exception.

Our goals:

  • To learn living with MS
  • Obtain joy of life

We do not:

  • provide diagnostic
  • offer psychotherapy
  • recommend medications
  • Give panaceas
  • Take over private car service